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Invisible Billboards

Here are two examples of the kind of billboard designs that you see every day.

Two totally different approaches to billboard design. The offers are good. The text is readable. Decent stuff except for one thing:

Readers probably want to save 85%. High-end buyers might love the sofa. But even if they do, there is no possibility of knowing who the advertisers are unless you climb up on the billboard and take out your magnifying glass to get the company name.

Pardon me for being frank, but I see this kind of idiotic design from coming from two groups:

  1. Designers who don't have the street smarts or the balls to tell the client what works and what doesn't and,
  2. Expensive agencies who are clueless, but have really nice lobbies, thus they are expensive agencies.

Both are stealing a lot of hard-earned money from their clients. Billboard rental isn't cheap.

With designs like these, you might as well be invisible.

There’s only one thing that your outdoor advertising should make people remember: You.

If people can’t see who you are, they can’t remember who you are. If they can’t remember who you are, you don’t exist.


Put an end to invisible billboards.

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